The name Probstei covers the area of the free farming villages between Hagenerau and Mühlenau. It is bordered in the north by the Baltic Sea, in the east by the Estates Schmoel and Neuhaus, in the south by the Estates Salzau and Dobersdorf, and in the west by the Estate Hagen and the suburbs of the City of Kiel. From 1226 to 1542 it belonged to the Preetzer Monastery and was under the jurisdiction of the ruling provost.

Nowadays, the Probstei is a modern farming and tourist-friendly part of the Plön region administered with its municipalities Barsbek, Bendfeld, Brodersdorf, Fahren, Fiefbergen, Höhndorf mit Gödersdorf, Köhn mit Pülsen, Krokau, Krummbek mit Ratjendorf, Laboe, Lutterbek, Passade, Prasdorf, Probsteierhagen, Schönberg, Stakendorf, Stein, Stoltenberg, Wendtorf and Wisch and Heidkate by the Probstei administration.


We thank Wolfgang Kraft for his many beautiful photos that he took on his travels through the Probstei area.